Chito-ryu Karate will help you improve your focus, concentration, self-discipline, confidence, and self-esteem. In addition to the mental benefits, you will also experience a stronger cardiovascular system, increased strength, better balance, coordination and flexilbility.

What is Chito-Ryu Karate?

We teach a style of martial arts called Chitō-ryū Karate. Chitō-ryū Karate is a style of karate founded by Tsuyoshi Chitose. The name of the style translates loosely as "1,000 year old Chinese style", or “the 1,000 year old style originating from the Tang dynasty”. The style was officially founded in 1946.

Dr. Chitose was a trained pysician. He used his medical knowledge of anatomy and physiology to modify traditional techniques of Chitō-ryū to make them both more effective against opponents, as well as less detrimental to the bodies and joints of long-term practitioners. Unlike kickboxing, our karate classes are taught in a manner to reduce any high impact effects on the body enabling students of Chito-ryu karate to train well into their older years.

Compared with other Japanese karate styles, Chito ryu is more fluid, with higher and shorter stances. The style emphasizes the use of hand techniques and kicks. In Chito-ryu a progression is in place where your technical skills improve as you practice, get better, and move to more advanced kata. Typically the lower kata contains techniques that are forceful and that use fists, while the higher kata are more based on soft and flowing techniques using open hands.

We offer 3 adult classes a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday’s. We limit our adult karate program to 24 students. Please enquire for available spots.

Tsuyoshi Chitose
O’ Sensei Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose, Founder
Tsuyoshi Chitose

We offer 5 Adult Karate classes a week to both men and women. The Chito-Ryu Karate for Adults program is for anyone 14 and older. We limit our adult karate program to 36 students. Please en-quire for available spots.


2016 Zen Chito Ryu Canadian Open

2016 Zen Chito Ryu Canadian Open2016 Zen Chito Ryu Canadian Open