Our Little Samurai program is unique curriculum designed for children age 4 to 6. This program exposes the child to different forms of exercises, martial arts techniques and training tools. Our focus is on further developing each child’s coordination, attention span, focus, listening skills, balance and reflexes. We achieve this by blending our Chito Ryu Karate program with gymnastics and yoga techniques, and lots of fun play activities that keeps the children engaged and learning. In addition, to the physical aspects of the program we also emphasize the core values of our school.

The Little Samurai program has its own belt system to provide the proper form of encouragement and reward for achieving the goals set out at each belt level. This belt system parallel’s the white to yellow belt karate curriculum. When the child graduates, at the age of 7, into the regular Chito Ryu karate classes we provide them with an equivalent belt based on the their progress in the Little Samurai program.

Some of the activities that you will see in a typical class are:

Running and Stretching

Concentration exercises

Martial arts techniques such as movement, punching, and kicking.

Gymnastic exercises such as hand stands, somersaults, wheel barrows, cartwheels.

We create an environment where learning is interactive and exciting, providing the children with the right tools to maintain a positive attitude towards a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Little Samurai’s can attend up to 7 classes per week. The length of each class is 30 minutes. Our Little Samurai program has a maximum of 36 sudents at any one time. Enquire for space availability.


David Laraby

David Laraby

David was born in Ottawa Ontario in 1994, he is in his third and final year of the architectural engineering program at Algonquin college. 

David has always been passionate about all sports, playing on many teams throughout school but his main passion is the sport of karate. David started taking Shitokan martial arts when he was 5 years old with his father and two sisters where he achieved his black belt at 16. Since then he has has trained in aikido and most recently trains and instructs in Chito-Ryu karate at Zen.  

David's biggest influence and inspiration growing up has been Bruce Lee and he hopes that one day he can be as big of an inspiration to his students as Bruce Lee was to him. 

Kyle Gibson

Kyle Gibson

Kyle was born In 1988 and raised in the countryside near Kingston, Ontario. A lifelong advocate of health and fitness, he has worked as a personal powerlifting trainer, an event coordinator for health-based fundraisers with the Canadian Cancer Society, and as the manager of a gym. In his free time, Kyle enjoys advocating for environmental groups and programming games.

Kyle has trained in Chito-Ryu karate since 2001, receiving his shodan in 2007 under Ken Sakamoto (son-in-law of Chito-ryu founder Tsuyoshi Chitose). His passion for karate stems from its potential to develop self-discipline, fitness, and perseverance in the face of life's obstacles. Through his time in the martial arts, he has also studied Okinawan kobudo, Chinese broadsword, tai chi, and is a current Carlson Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu student at Zen under David Dash.


Class Pictures

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