Our kickboxing program is based on Dutch style Muay Thai. Our emphasis is on punching combinations and kicking, in addition to clinch work, elbows and knees. Our students love our kickboxing classes because our kickboxing classes are:

an amazing workout

are tons of fun

have an inspiring environment

are non intimidating or violent

classes are safe

well structured and beginner friendly

designed to be progressively challenging

great for people new to kickboxing or working out

From your first kickboxing class, you’ll understand why everyone in Nepean raves and loves our kickboxing programs. Our members love the experience they get and the results they see from taking our kickboxing classes. Classes are fun, the facility is super clean, and our instructors genuinely care about the success you experience in our program. Walk into our facility any day and you will find the training environment bright, clean, and inviting.

Each kickboxing class offers a total body workout; incorporating sculpting exercises and conditioning methods designed to transform your body, and give you the best calorie burning workout for your time. Unlike Cardio Kickboxing, this is the real deal for burning calories. Classes are taught by real Ottawa Kickboxing instructors, teaching real Muay Thai Kickboxing techniques for REAL fitness results! Our members are regular folks like yourself who love a good workout. The classes expose students to a progression of techniques and training tools such as punching bags, focus mitts, Muay Thai pads, slappers, partner training and other fitness tools such as medicine balls, dumbbells, skipping ropes, strengthening straps, and more.

Our Muay Thai classes allow our students to learn the techniques in a progressive and logical way. Our kickboxing classes are divided into two levels. Level I kickboxing classes for beginners has an emphasis on stances, movement, boxing in addition to punching combinations, kicks and basic knees and elbow techniques. Our level II advanced kickboxing class adds more complicated punching and kicking combinations, in depth knees, elbows, and clinch techniques and more difficult kicks. We recognize advancement in the program with a different coloured belt for each of the three levels. The colours of the belts are taken from the colours found in the Thai flag where Muay Thai originated. White for beginners, blue for Intermediate and red for Advanced.

We offer 14 kickboxing classes a week to both women and men, including a 45 minute optional sparring class for those individuals that would like to compete or further challenge themselves. The Muay Thai Kickboxing program is for anyone 14 and older. Our Kickboxing program has a maximum of 80 students at any one time. En-quire for space availability.


2015 Smith Falls Muay Thai Fights

2015 Smith Falls Muay Thai Fights2015 Smith Falls Muay Thai Fights2015 Smith Falls Muay Thai Fights2015 Smith Falls Muay Thai Fights2015 Smith Falls Muay Thai Fights2015 Smith Falls Muay Thai Fights